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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

WOW Factor Wednesday Feature - Lucky Me Lucky You Vintage Shop

Well it's been awhile since I've blogged! I hate being inconsistent but my life went absolutely haywire there for a bit. Things have settled and I am slowly getting back into the swing of things:) I'm happy to say I will be working hard on new creations for the upcoming weeks that I will list in my Etsy shop
If you are already a follower you know that today is WOW Factor Wednesday, where I feature an artist/favorite shop from Esty or Artfire. Today I am going a little astray from the norm as the feature is a vintage shop. Personally, I love vintage anything! The wonderful finds in this shop scream nostalgia to me and I can't help but look through and make up a story about the life and history of each item. So with out further ado let me introduce you to Lucky Me Luck You.
My name is Amanda and besides my passion of "treasure hunting", you can find me spending time with my crazy dogs, hiking, trying to grow stuff in my garden (and usually failing), working on upcycling craft projects, training for my first marathon in October (still in denial that I'm actually going to run that far) cooking, reading, game nights with family and friends, etc.

I first opened my Etsy shop on March 8th, 2010, but didn't list anything until March 27th. I wanted to make sure I read up on how to have a successful shop and memorized the Etsy handbook (just kidding!).
So many different things inspire me and in different ways. My dad inspires me to not be afraid to try new things. Fellow Etsians work inspires me to be more creative. Just a walk outside with my dogs will inspire me with colors and smells. My step mom is also a huge inspiration as she is the one who got me hooked on hunting for great vintage finds. I find myself inspired by people and things every day.

As of right now you can find all my great vintage treasures on my Etsy site, as well as on Twitter,

We hope you have enjoyed this weeks featured shop! We would also like to thank Amanda for her time and her input! Be sure to check out her shop for more fun pieces of life well lived!