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Monday, April 12, 2010

New Zibbet Member!

After all the buzz in the Etsy forums I decided to check out After perusing the site and checking out the features; I decided what the heck.. let's give a whirl!

I jumped right in and purchased the $8.00 per month Premium Account for 2 reasons...

1. There are no other fees (no listing fees and no commission fees),the only other fees you need worry about are through Paypal, so $8.00 a month seemed like a real bargain to me.

2. I grabbed the $8.00 Premium Account right away because there were only 147 left at that price (104 as of today!)and then they are going up to $9.00 per month, after these sell out (I guess there have been a lot of people joining in the last 7 days). I made the mistake of not joining Artfire as a Premium member back in January when the fees were around $10 a month; now they are $16 and going to $20 soon!! I wasn't about to make that mistake again. Especially since there is zero obligation! You can downgrade or cancel at ANYTIME!

Also there is a Referral Promotion that goes like this:

"For every friend you refer who joins at a Premium level ($8.00 per month right now), we'll take $1 off your monthly membership, for life. For a limited time, our upgraded Premium accounts are only $8 per month. Therefore, if you refer just 8 friends, we'll convert your upgraded, full-featured account to 'FREE FOREVER'. That means, for the rest of your life, you can enjoy unlimited listings, no sales fees and all the benefits that a Premium Account holder gets, for FREE"!

If you decide to try Zibbet (either the Free Account or the Premium Level),I would beyond appreciate if you used the following link to sign up:

This will help me in the Referral Promotion Program. Once you are signed up you can then get Referrals also (and you only need 8 right now to get a FREE membership). After you sign up as a Seller; go to "My Zibbet", then in the right hand column click on "Referral Promotion" and you will receive your own link to give out for Referrals.

I also found this-"Give your friends a FREE 7 Day Trial of a Premium Account by telling them to enter the following coupon code when signing up: FREETRIAL" , so if you want to try it out use my referral link to sign up and remember to put this coupon code in when it asks! Try it out for 7 days and see if you like it, no obligation!

Here is my referral link again:

As for the site itself, I love it! Now don't get me wrong, I'm not leaving Etsy! I will be the first to admit that as far as traffic, Etsy can't be beat right now. However, the "competition" is ample! I'm hoping to get in at a great time and make a real name for myself while the site is still in its growing phases!

Zibbet is easy to use and has a lot of great features! For instance, there is the "copy listing" features which allows you to list in bulk so to speak; very time saving and convenient. You also have the ability to create your very own coupons and gift certificates. Personally I love this feature; it is a great way to promote or say thank you to our loyal repeat customers! There is also the "Sales Mode", again a great way to promote! This gives you the ability to "turn on" a sale and discount your items. No need for Paypal refunds or editing 100's of products. This is probably my favorite feature!

Well I hope I've at least enticed you to check out Zibbet. Please don't forget to check out my referral link!

Thanks for Visiting my Blog!!!! Happy Shopping & Creating!!


  1. I'm on Zibbet too! So glad you signed up and got the great rate! I added your shop to my favorites.

  2. Welcom to Zibbet! I am a fellow Zibbet shop owner!
    Also I am offering free advertising for Zibbet users on my blog!

  3. I'll have to check it out - I have never heard of it. Good luck there! Visit my blog to see my giveaway - : )

  4. Thanks for the information! I am going to check it out!